Badass Sakura Haruno Fic Rec
First, anything written by author "Evil Is A Relative Term" is fantastic sakura stuff

"Dirt and Ashes, or: The One-and-a-Half Body Problem " -- by Tozette

"A Casket Full of Victory" -- by Liffae

"The Eyes Have It" -- by Shana The Short

"Expedient" -- by Swiftkick

"Trial by Ninja" -- by Jacobk

"Loyalty" -- by True Radical Dreamer

"Freedom in the Eyes of Another" -- by Oroburos69

"Simplicity" -- by PeinSaku

"Pulling my weight" -- by itsthechocopuff

"The Blind and the Unseeing" -- by Stunning Sunset

"Second Chance" -- by Tri17

"A Chance Encounter" -- by Sakucherryblossoms

"Blood in the Water" -- by Archer the Undreamed

"Survival of the fittest" -- by Cywscross


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